A Side Alley is where you can usually find the most interesting things — the things off the beaten path, the things worth looking and keeping for.

Like a cherished secret, only a selected few know.

The Side Alley is an independently owned store selling mostly small batches of things we’ve built and think are worth your while.

Our main ethos is to sell quality goods that are well made, which should last longer than just one season and be cherished for a long time.

We Care About Tomorrow

We are not so interested in producing too much stuff. Rather offering our share of better options that last longer — things for you to keep for years and years, even forever, and repair if broken. 

We try to be sustainable the best we can, and all our choices are based on making quality products. We try our best to sell things that are produced in good and fair working conditions in a way that should be good for you, everyone involved in the process, and for the environment. We also donate 1% of our profits to The Finnish Association For Nature Conservation or a similar nonprofit organization.

That being said. We try to work sustainably, but we are not sustainable. At this moment, we cannot make empty promises or elaborate marketing schemes about being 100% sustainable because we use organic cotton and other natural materials in our products, use recycled cardboard and hemp strings in our hangtags, and try to minimize waste otherwise, for example. 

We try our best to be good and do everything for a reason, but there’s a long way to go and we learn more every day as we go along.

Welcome to the journey. Let’s make this a good one. Together.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland

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